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EverColor™ is an exciting new plant range of color sedges selected by the MyPlant breeding and selection program.


Ireland is known for its depth and lushness of year round foliage colour and texture. Therefore it is no surprise that this beautifully simple colour foliage program has been developed in Ireland.

Over the last 10 years using creativity inspired by our grassy environment we have developed EverColorTM with year round colour and contrast as our guiding principle. EverColorTM brings all year round easy care colour to your garden, patio and balcony.

We are delighted to introduce EverColorTM at Plantarium.

The concept consists of the following varieties which can be freely combined:

Carex oshimensis ‘Evergreen’ – pure green

Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’ – yellow and green variegated

Carex oshimensis ‘Everest’ PBR – white and green variegated

Carex oshimensis ‘Everillo’ PBR – lime yellow

Uncinia rubra ‘Everflame’ PBR – bronze, green and red variegated

EverColor gives creative opportunity for a range of container colour and plant foliage colour combinations:


  • All year round simple colour effect
  • Combinations of these colourful sedges can also be made with a wide range of summer and winter flowering plants.
  • Act as specimen container plants which are easily managed.
  • Ideal companion plants for living wall systems
  • Interesting table top decoration plants
  • Hardy in almost all zones in Europe with minimum care.
  • Selections which grow well in shaded areas in the garden, balcony or patio
  • Ideal for novice and first time gardeners
  • Fast and easy growing
  • High pest and disease tolerant culture
  • Low maintenance and water usage
  • Low energy production
  • Suitable for both greenhouse growers and traditional hardy nursery stock growers


The story behind the EvercolorTM range

Carex oshimensis Evergold is the basis of all of the Carex varieties in the EverColor collection. This plant was produced on the nursery from the very start of the business. During 1989 when preparing for starting what is now FitzGerald Nurseries Pat was asked by his then girlfriend now wife Noirín what he would like for his birthday. Having got a really nice gold Omega watch the previous year it seemed reasonable to suggest equal value in another Gold treasure and the idea of Carex Evergold, a plant relatively new on the Irish market, came to mind. So that year 200 9cm Carex Evergold came to the new Nursery in Kilkenny and so began the relationship of FitzGerald nurseries and Carex Evergold. Over the following years Evergold was grown by the nursery each year as one of its typical lines but nothing very special was made of this. In 2003 FitzGerald Nurseries began working on Evergold as a mutation breeding subject and now many selections of this plant have come together to make the majority part of the EverColor collection and more are in testing to join the collection in coming years. A system of production and mother plant development is now being refined to bring this program to a world market. Little acorns grow big trees; simple actions grow big ideas.


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