Production Developments

We have continued to change the production profile of FitzGerald Nurseries by bringing into our production program exciting new and novel plants.  These plant varieties go through a thorough testing process before being offered to customers. You can click on each of the headings below to see more information.

Field Trials Area

Trial FieldIn September 2005 we began our own formal testing site on our farm. You can access some up to date pictures on the layout of this trials site by clicking on the link above.  We will update this page as the varieties are planted in the Spring and there will be more new of our official July opening date early in 2006. Please also check in on our blog page from time to time to get updates of our developments. Read more >>

Container Trials Area

During 2004 we set up a system to enable us in extensive testing of new plants. Our experience in final container growing of all our new production lines is now first hand so that we can give you the customer proper feedback. Many of our new varieties are grown to final stage in smaller numbers and sold locally under the MyPlant brand We are also interested in developing partners interested partners for this brand promotion in other countries.  Read more >>

New Production Profile

Our focus has gradually changed towards Architectural and Foliage plants which can be used on their own as stunning container and garden features or in conjuntion with other flowering plants making modern seasonally attractive displays. We have however continued to look at future trends and currently developing new plant varieties outside this niche foliage range. With the introduction of fantastic plants such as Phormium Black Adder, Carex Everest, Ceanothus Tuxedo, Libertia Goldfinger and in 2010 Carex Everillo a whole new dimension to balcony and patio plants is being established. Read more >>

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Over the last five years we have been involved in the weaning and development of a number of plants from tissue culture.  From January 2005 we took over the our main tissue culture supplier Plant Technology Ltd in Enniscorthy Ireland.  This has been quite a big undertaking and we are still developing our own lines in the laboratory.  

This development has enabled us to focus on our production lines and those of our strategic partners ensuring we have full control over the production information and potential to develop these lines.  We have made good progress and now FitzGerald have a number of significant product lines established on international markets. In the last few year the company has introduced and licensed plants such as Ceanothus Tuxedo, Phormium Black Adder, Carex Everest and a number more to follow in 2010.  These varieties and many others are available as plugs and liners from FitzGerald Nurseries. We now export or innovative range to 18 countries.

FitzGerald Nurseries are now in a position to offer breeder customers a comprehensive package of services for the supply and development of new and novel plant lines.  Most importantly we are also collaborating with other tissue culture and production specialists through formal production agreements to ensure safe supply from year to year.

Motherstock Plantation

Due to current uncertainty on some product lines especially in the woody shrub area of production and an increase in the production of our foliage and container lines we decided to limit our production of shrub lines.  Apart from our basic lines where demand is somewhat predictable we now intend working on many lines based on orders in before production cut off times. Read more >>

Production Photos

We hope you will find that as a result of our extensive work in developing production and testing of many new and novel lines that the resulting young plants show that all this work has been to a good end. We are introducing more and more of our customers to exciting novel and well produced young plants which give our customers more predictable and profitable sales. View photos >>

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