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Who are we?

Garraith Ltd was incorporated in 1998 and is the parent company of Fitzgerald Nurseries Ltd, the company is a family company owned by Patrick and Noirin FitzGerald and based on the family farm in Kilkenny Ireland.

Since the original establishment of FitzGerald Nurseries as an alternative farm enterprise in 1990 the business has gone through progress change adapting and evolving with market shifts and spreading its sales territory to a wider customer base. In 1999 the company Garraith Ltd was established by Patrick and Noirin FitzGerald to develop and fund the alternative farm business activities. The propagation, breeding and development of many genera of plants from tissue culture, cuttings, division and seed has been core focus for FitzGerald Nurseries while the parent company Garraith funded activities evolved brands and plant IP and further evolved plant product development into niche food crops. in 2011 after investigation of a number of niche crop opportunities a food crop strategy was established. In the coming months the company will rebrand and develop this business further through JVs and other business relationahips as it becomes more active in the expanding niche of novel crop development. With skill sets and knowlege base in plants the company owners see exiting opportunities for the future of European food sectors. 

History in plant development.

In January 2005 the company acquired a plant micro-propagation facility to ensure core plant varieties were under its control and coming from clean healthy stock plants. The laboratory business ensured a number of R&D projects could be undertaken and Garraith evolved its own brands and genetic lines patented and protected by plant breeders rights worldwide. This technology adaptation has enabled the companies to focus through seperate specialist competencies on its own exclusive production lines and those of our strategic breeder partners ensuring we have full control and monitoring of production information and potential to develop these plants.  Significant progress has been made since then and the company has established many fantastic plant varieties as the core of its business development.

The company now has a comprehensive package of competencies and skills for the supply and development of both new and novel plant varieties in ornamental and food sectors of Hortiulture produciton. Most importantly the company also collaborates with other micro-propagation specialists and breeder networks worldwide through formal collaborative breeding and production agreements. This work has ensured a long line of fantastic plants can be sustainably brought to grower customers, retailers and ultimately the public and ensures a suppply of exciting and market relevant plants for our grower customers well into the future.

Food Crop Development

With 25 years experience in the development of plant varieties and produciton systems the company has embarked on an exciting and significant intensification of its interest in food crops. Through the successful application of traditional farming history of the founder, a nineth generation farmer, the application of non GMO modern breeding practices and an intense passion for Horticultural Innovation crops such as Sweet Potato, Yacon, Oca and others are now in the companies portfolio and being sold to growers all over Europe. Patrick  FitzGerald is a leader in the development of sweet potato as a viable European crop for commercial farmers and through his imaginative leadership this crop i snow being commercially grown in areas of Europe not previously known to grow this crop. The company has a longer term vision to bring viable, scaleable and healthy crops to the European market over the coming years for further information on these developments all enquiries are welcome.


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